We provide professional, world-class audio services from basic audio recording to advanced sound mixing and professional mastering and live audio services. We work with both local and international artists abroad. Our convenient locations saves you time and money and we provide the highest quality professional recording services. Whether you are a new artist or an experienced one, we can help. We have five tiers of hourly rates tailored to meet the needs of your budget, complexity, and style:

General Recording Rate 
$120 per hour (Min. 1 hour) recording & mixing in our Protools recording studio. This rate is for general voice recording, voice-overs/ADR & audio mixing. Includes engineer. 

Sound Editing Rate 
$120 per hour (Min. 2 hours) For sound editing, sound design & video editing. Includes engineer.

ADR/Mix To Picture Rate 
$150 per hour (Min. 2 hours) For Sound Mixing, Sound Editing or ADR with Video. View your video/film content on our video monitoring system while we record the audio. Includes engineer.

Location Rate 
$200 per hour (Min. 4 hours) For professional location audio engineering, sound mixing and/or professional video services. Includes engineer.

Recording Services
"We knew that if we were to compete effectively , we had to have an edge. We got one with this company."

- Phoenix Productions.
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Professional Recording Services
Mastering Services
So now that you have your sound recorded, now what? Do you want to air it on the radio for a local or national broadcast? Do you want to sell it online and compete with other artists? 360 Sound Studios provides professional mastering services. We work with both analog and digital equipment and pride ourselves on achieving the warmest sound and clarity. We have two tiers of rates tailored to meet the needs of your project, budget and style.

On-Line Mastering (Per File)
$75 per file. This rate is for general mastering of one audio file (5 minutes or under), suitable for a professional release. You have to send us your file by email and we will send you back the mastered result.

In Studio Mastering (Video & Audio)
​$150 per 1 hour mastering session inside our studio. This rate is for professional mastering for commercial projects, we can even restore poor quality audio. All files mastered using precision equipment, suitable for commercial projects and for professional broadcast.

We accept MP3, AIFF & WAV files.
Allow up to 72 hours  for delivery.  After you send your song, we will send you payment instructions. You can send your files to: [email protected]
Other Services
360 Sound Studios wants to make your recording experience as pleasurable as possible, so we have these additional services to make your time with us enjoyable: 

Photo & Video Services
Shoot video at our recording studio by requesting a professional video room, your project will always come out sounding good at 360 Sound Studios, why not capture this special moment with a photo shoot or video. Contact Us For Availability. 

Transportation Services
Need to get to the studio on time and don't want to worry about driving or taking the train, come to the studio in peace because we can provide a comfy car service to pick you up from a location in NYC or even from your home. Contact Us For Rates

Telephone & Communication Services
Are you in a different Country or State and still need to direct or listen in to your talent at 360 Sound Studios? Don't worry, we have several dedicated lines of communication and can provide a variety of telephony services for your session. Contact Us For Rates

Dubbing & Transcription Services
Do you need to make copies of your material? We can provide transcription or dubbing services of any video/audio file to DVD, CD, MP3, Quicktime, Blu-Ray, Floppy Disc, DAT, MiniDisc, Cassette, VHS, Reel to Reel & more. Contact Us For Rates